Joel's "major" is account executive, but his "minor" is being an MC. See how Joel's minor helps make Translation such a unique place to work.
Diet Coke invents world's thinnest vending machine that fits where others can't. See how people reacted when they stumbled across the "Slender...
Interesting to see historical figures dressed for today. Check out the rest of the lot.
The birds inside this cuckoo clock by London design studio BERG announce your Twitter messages!
NYU students explore the relationship between color and sound—and the result is pretty amazing!
We love that San Francisco is using social media as a new way to help people when disaster strikes. Check this out and be inspired.
We're proud to present the new site of American Hipster Presents, a documentary series from Translation's own Abigail Weintraub.
Impressive masking tape art from Melbourne artist Buff Diss. Watch how he does it, amazing!
A fascinating look at the future of opera, a "transcendent merging of art and technology."
Seoul's latest digital festival hosted on world's largest canvas. We appreciate the forward thinking!
Nike's holographic ad gives passerby's a 3-D display of their latest sneaker. We love this.
Apple's Pop-Up Museum contains 6,000 square feet of Apple products from the very first computers to the latest Mac. Get a sneak peak...