Major —
Sr. Experiential Producer
Minor —
Light Artist

Ana was born in Bucharest, Romania, in the middle of the revolution, to two badass artist/designers. She moved to South Florida at age 3 and produced her first party at age 12 in her parents' garage—outfitted with blackout walls (made of garbage bags), UV paint, and glow-stick giveaways. She continued on to NYC in 2006 to attend Pratt Institute for Fine Arts, emphasis in Sculpture and Art History.

After her educational career, she quickly moved into the DIY party scene to produce, creative direct, and build art and light installations for some of the most notable nightlife events and festivals throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. Ana joined the experiential agency Mirrorball in 2015 as a producer and cultural promotions manager, leading their Perrier account in production and promotions for countless events across the country, including the invitation-only Jack Daniel's House No. 7. She is also mom to one very tiny and adorable/spunky Chihuahua named Oskar Schlemmer.

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