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The Olympics

The Olympic Games have given Ann the opportunity to travel all over the world and spend extended periods soaking up the rich cultures from Rio to Beijing and Sochi to Sydney. Helping many of the world's greatest brands stand out in the most competitive and cluttered marketing environment of the Olympic Games was the best of all possible training grounds for her role at Translation. A native Brit, and a naturalized US Citizen, this appreciation of peoples' beautiful uniqueness infuses everything she does. Fun is getting lost in a convenience store in a backstreet in Tokyo and browsing the very unfamiliar brands and products. Or having midnight dinner of Borscht & beer in a dive in Sochi with Russian TV playing behind the bar. Or skiing with Korean ski bums in PyeongChang - all impeccably dressed with perfect form. New York City provides the perfect melting pot for her and her family as there is a little of every corner of the world a short subway ride from her loft in the heart of Manhattan.

Which Olympic Games was the best, I hear you ask? London 2012 of course! The Old Blighty threw the best Olympic and Paralympic Games ever! 

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