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Junior Strategist
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Dyanna is a Junior Brand Strategist, using her Jedi mind powers to help solve problems across a multitude of discplines ranging from insurance to music.

Dyanna is an Oreo cookie–hating New York City native, raised in the plentiful but heavily slept-on borough of Queens. She spends her free time working on her videography skills, daydreaming about future narratiives, and writing music/poetry. She takes a strong interest in human rights, and you can find her advocating about it amongst friends or using her voice to its fullest exent at a protest.

Obsessed with the idea of evolving, Dyanna lives her life in constant beta mode, always learning and finding ways to better herself since her last "update." Her hairstyle is in constant flux, so don't count on it looking the same when trying to spot her within the Translation walls.

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