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Director of Project Management
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Jeremy picked up a bass (well, a cello with bass strings and a pair of clogs so he could reach the thing) at the age of 8. Years of playing in the symphony under the direction of a Fletcher-like (ref: Whiplash) conductor taught him the importance of always being ready for the downbeat and what it meant to be part of a team. Jeremy parlayed that into touring the college music scene with his band Brother Rabbit at Michigan, where he was not only the bass player, but booker, manager, arranger, etc., in support of, but never in, the starring role.

Prior to his current role with Translation, Jeremy held project management and production positions at Deutsch NY, Lowe NY, StrawberryFrog, and Mezzina Brown & Partners.

He currently plays and records with several country, bluegrass, and indie rock bands in the NYC area and maintains a collection of vintage keyboards, drums, and amps at his home, in hopes of one day starting a band with his 2 daughters (ages 9 and 7), and lovely wife.

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