Major —
Group Account Director
Minor —
Sports Sociology

Jimmy Euwer is a Group Business Director leading the work and relationship with the NFL. He has also managed Google, Sprint, and a handful of internal assignments at Translation.

Before landing at Translation, Jimmy was born + raised in New Jersey, went to school in Richmond, and worked at Anomaly, Grey, and Cliff Freeman & Partners – on brands like the NFL, Google, Clairol, Febreze, DirecTV, BellSouth, Crown Royal, Tanqueray, Don Julio, Midas, etc.

Having grown up in sports, Jimmy might posit his sheer and utter obsession with sports has manifested itself into a passion for Sports Sociology. Fascinated with the competition, history, psychology, team dynamics + coaching, Jimmy sees the impact sports can have on culture at large and what we can learn about each other and the world through sport.

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